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Price: From $47 pm

Finally, a comprehensive, easy-to-use, down-to-a-science answer to mega-profitable events that kick your online moneymaking efforts into high gear.

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Instant Teleseminar Review

Instant Teleseminar is another in a line of sites offering customers a web-based conferencing service. But a few things work to set Instant Teleseminar apart from their competitors. The first thing, and something that can attract business, is their price. Packages at Instant Teleseminar, start at $47.

Then there is their focus on the marketing aspects of your business.  Their cutting-edge features and unique way of doing things make it worth every penny. You can set up your customizeable event page to promote your event and prepare your audience.  This is especialy valuable for sales meetings.  This is what Instant Teleseminar excell at, sales meetings.  It is one of the best web conferencing systems for sales meetings.

Your Replay Page is Automatically Set Up For You Instantaneously When Your Event Ends

Instant Teleseminar’s conferences are all browser-based, in which you’re sharing applications and an interactive whiteboard. This provides a lifelike experience for everyone in attendance.

Instant Teleseminar is the ideal choice for most businesses. Their Meeting Manager interface is laid out well and divided into three portions. The first takes up two-thirds of the screen and is a blank window used for documents, whiteboards and presentations. Other drop-down menus provide face access to meetings and the ability to change a participant’s privileges. A small box in the upper-right corner gives you the names of the meeting participants, and a small box at the bottom allows for text chatting and note taking.

Instant Teleseminar offers 24/7 free phone support and their wait time is usually less than a minute. It is one of the simplest and easiest web conferencing softwares on the market.  If you do get stuck, do not worry, they offer FREE training with their one dollar trial so you will not be lost!

With Instant Teleseminar You Get :

  • Unlimited Use! Use InstantTeleseminar as often as you want, whenever you want.
  • 20, 100, 250, or 500 person capacity Teleconference Line from our friends at for those listeners who prefer the phone (or you can add whatever bridge line service you like)
  • Up to 3,000 line audio webcast – Over 65% of listeners prefer to listen via the web
  • 100+ Customizable Web-Page Templates – customize your event in 3 minutes!
  • Pre-Written Promotional Copy (You can tweak if you wish)
  • Web Event-Page Publishing at the push of a button
  • Question Submission Form for easy content creation and Q&A
  • Easy to understand interface so it’s simple to use
  • The ONLY marketing-focused conference service on the planet!

Try it out for a full three weeks for only $1!

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