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GoToWebinar Review And Free Trial

Go To Webinar

Now that we have all this technology available at our fingertips, it’s difficult to remember a time when we did anything the “easy” way. One aspect of life becoming that much easier is the web seminars known as webinars. This ultra-popular way for people to connect without actually being there is the latest and greatest in technological advancement. Webinars are ideal for important promotional aspects or business, including training, and one of the best sites around offering this great service is GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinar takes things a step further than Citrix Online’s previous GoToMeeting. Their pricing structure is also simple and affordable. Instead of members purchasing each seat for an event or amount of time, users are only charged a small monthly fee that depends on the number of event organizers in your organizations and allows an unlimited number of webinars. This brand of live-conference seminar hosted via the web is an increasingly popular way to do business. And by expanding on Go 2 Meeting’s features, GoToWebinar is ahead of the curve in most aspects of webinars.

When you schedule a meeting with GoToWebinar, the software automatically composes an announcement message and posts it in your email folder. By simply dropping in the email addresses and pressing the “send” button, you can deliver your messages instantly. GoToWebinar’s conferencing system makes it easy to deliver PowerPoint presentations and various slide shows, as well as making it easy to share face-to-face video conferences with multiple users.

GoToWebinar can handle up to 1,000 attendees, whereas other sites with outdated technology only allow 25 to 50. You can also customize your webinar with your own company logo, photos, or any pictures or designs you choose. Another great feature of GoToWebinar is their expanded capabilities that allow monitoring and interacting with audiences. These various monitoring capabilities are accessed via and easy-to-use control panel that sits on the right side of the presenter’s screen. The panel displays the current time spent and remaining for the conference, the number of attendees, and the number of attendees checking their email.

The key benefit that GoToWebinar offers is audience participation. Their cutting-edge technology makes it possible for your conference to begin an interactive community. There are no boardroom jitters – everyone is comfortably situated in front of their computer. And if you have an attendee who could not make the conference, you can record your webinar and that attendee can replay the conference.

GoToWebinar also has a few flaws. Their full-motion video option appears to jump around on an attendee’s screen, and there is no link between the phone conferencing system and the presentation recorder. But these are minor issues, to say the least, and all in all, GoToWebinar offers a great service and is one of the BEST webinar services online.

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