Webinar Software Reviews

Webinars or video conferencing is actually a form of group discussion in which people communicate with each other with the help of their computers. The software used in the computer for this purpose is referred to as Webinar Software and here we review and compare a number of such service. Different webinar software's are now available in the market. You can choose from a wide variety of software depending on your requirements.

If you are interested in using webinar software in your company then there are two options. You can either purchase web conferencing services or else you can develop your own. Each method has got its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are utilizing the service of a webinar service provider then the cost depends on the number of seats as bandwidth issues are involved. There will be a price for each conference conducted and you will be limited to the number of participants.

If you are interested in purchasing webinar software then the main factor to be considered is the cost. Select a webinar software program which meets all the necessary requirements is not easy as most of them offer multiple features. Avoid the additional features which are not necessary for your specific requirements. Do not get video conferencing facilities when normal text will do for instance. If you select a web conferencing software program with lots of additional features then it will cost more.

Webinar software programs have three commonly used features. They are instant text messaging, audio based conferencing and video based conferencing. Audi-video combined conferencing is also used. Text messaging is the most common and popular web conferencing feature. Certain software support application sharing. You can show slide presentations. Co-browsing is supported in some models. File sharing features are present in almost all conferencing software programs. You can participate in surveys and polls with the help of the software.

If you are using audio based conferencing software then you must ensure that you must have the necessary equipment to conduct the conference. For audio conferencing, VoIP facility is used to exchange audio information. VoIP packets are transferred through the network.

A web camera is required if the web conferencing software supports video conferencing. Certain software programs capture the image of the talking person. If you require any additional features then you can select software which contains the required additional features. You can compare some webinar software features here...



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